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Oztec Vibrator Repair Parts

Oztec Ceiling Grinder Parts

Buy Oztec Ceiling Grinder repair parts and get grinding taller and stronger like new!

Did you know that an OZTEC ceiling grinder can grind ceilings 7 feet to 12 feet high? Oztec's innovative design of their swivel adjustment allows grinding up to and even along edge of the wall. Their self aligning grinding head makes full surface contact easy to operate because it needs no adjustment needed. Oztec offers 2 models, the electric model CG12E with 2hp Baldor motor and the very popular gas model CG12G with powerful 3HP Honda engine.

To protect against dangerous silica dust inhalation, Oztec has recently introduced a dust collection attachment for its CG12 Ceiling Grinder. Fitted to the grinding head it provides a safer and more productive work environment for all workers on the jobs site. This unique design fits all electric models of Oztec Ceiling Grinders. The OZTEC Heavy Duty Vacuum is specifically designed for concrete grinding and maximum dust collection and HEPA filter options are available.

Oztec Flexible Shafts

Find the right Oztec flexible shaft length and style for your next concrete job!

Oztec rubber flex shafts, also known as whips, are the thing to have when sending power from the motor to the vibrating steel head. Oztec Flexible Shaft inner cores are made from extra-high carbon steel core wires with casings made from tough abrasion resistant neoprene rubber. This design makes Oztec Flexible Shafts rigid enough for driving into the stiffest slump concrete without kinking yet limber and non-slip for easy and effective handling. Oztec standard shaft lengths (in feet) include: 2, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 21 feet long. Another great feature is how these shafts can be coupled to 42 feet using a ball bearing shaft connector part 6725A1.

Note that pencil concrete vibrator flex shafts are intended for use with steel vibrator heads that are ¾ inches or smaller. These shafts can be connected to the motor in either an quick disconnect or thread on version for easy removal.

The Oztec Industries History

Oztec Industries opened their doors back in 1965. They began by building it's reputation as a designer and manufacturer of high quality construction equipment with the introduction of their first Terrazzo Grinder. Oztec quickly responding to industry demands for a powerful, rugged machine, the popular Diamond Terrazzo Grinder was developed and patented by Oztec. Gas and electric concrete ceiling grinders were built to be adjustable from seven to twelve feet in height. Clean-up of the job site was made easier with Oztec's unique "terrazzo cleanup system" which constantly vacuums and pumps waste material outside the job site. Oztec grinders have produced top quality results on thousands of jobs over the years.

Oztec soon began designing and manufacturing quality concrete vibrating equipment to meet the needs of the concrete construction industry. Immediately, the power, quality and reliability of Oztec vibrating equipment gained it a reputation as the best on the market.

Oztec's line of popular steel and rubber vibrator heads, electric and gas motors, back packs and flexible shafts are the most powerful and reliable in the market. With the release of the patented Rubber vibrator head, protecting epoxy coated rebar is easier and faster than ever. The rubber style head is unequaled in consolidating concrete. The Oztec designed dimple design provides a more powerful radius of action along the entire length of the head, absorbs less vibration than steel and deflects, then pushes forward with high velocity along with cooling the head to ensure longevity.

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